Services for Home Users

  • Desktop & Laptop Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Wireless Networks
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Hardware Upgrade
  • Operating System Installation
  • Surveillance Camera System

Business Solutions

  • Networks
  • Server Installation & Support
  • Backup Solutions
  • Security
  • Surveillance Camera System

Computer Services and IT Support

We are your one stop solution to all your tech related worries. We provide fast, efficient and comprehensive services which include the following.

Computer & Mac Support

If you are having any issues regarding your PC or MAC device we can resolve it. We can speed up your slow computer, remove any viruses, can install any hardware and optimize any PC or Mac to make sure it runs to its fullest potential. With our tech experts you can rest assured that any issues you have with your MAC or PC will be easily resolved!

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

We all know that every now and then our Wi-Fi connection has some problems which we have no idea how to resolve. Our tech experts will resolve any and all issues your Wi-Fi might be having, additionally, we also optimize your Wi-Fi and its placement so that you get maximum performance and speed from your Wi-Fi.

Data Transfer/Recovery

In case you’re changing to another PC the possibility of what you’re going to do with years’ worth of pictures, music, recordings, and individual documents may appear to be very overwhelming. By calling somebody with the right apparatuses and preparing, be that as it may, everything turns into an exceptionally basic undertaking. With our Data Transfer services that our tech experts provide, we will port over the majority of your own documents, programs, client settings, and email and login data so you absolutely never need to stress over missing anything

IT Services 

Running a business without having a well-planned IT infrastructure can very well spell the end of your company. Every successful business has a proper efficient IT infrastructure on the other hand struggling business have no IT infrastructure. This holds true for any industry. We help you develop a IT infrastructure that is bound to return a higher  ROI, increase business intelligence, Lower management costs and increase customer acquisitions and retention.